Optical Bonding vs. Air Bonding


Air Bonding Technology

Air Bonding uses two-sided adhesives to bond the touch panel and LCD layers together from four sides. It creates air gap causing reflection leaving lower visual performance compare to optical bonding.

Optical Bonding Technology

Optical Bonding involves attaching the cover lens onto the LCD display with optical adhesives to achieve optimum sunlight readability, reduce dust contamination and internal vapor condensation.

The Advantages of Optical Bonding

Due to an optical bonding of LCD to the touch panel, there is no air gap in between to effectively reduce refraction of external light.

Reduce refraction of light
Reduce display weight
Reduce battery consumption
Maximum dust & moisture protection
Enhance mechanical strength & shock/vibe performance

Check out MACTRON GROUP’s (MTG) MCA Series & MAV Series, we proudly incorporate optical bonding technology to deliver interactive displays with the best user experience available and provide a better viewing and touch experience for everyone.https://mactrongroup.blogspot.com/2022/06/bonding.html


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